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We take inputs from you on the expected date provdied by doctors and advise you 2 dates and time when you can plan to have your little one.


you got opportunity to experience the divine power of planets working for you. You can share all of your heart and mind exclusive with me.


We are not only giving you compatibility charts but also basic nature, prosperity behavior characteristics of bride and groom.


we not only suggest streams to build your career but also provide full report and advise gems and methods to add luck with your work and awaken your mind.


Wew generate a complete report on your current and future planning business. It will provide you best timimings when you can start your new business and suggestion which business to start with or choose from options.


For important one time life changing events requires specialized and auspicious time to start. We provide specific auspicious timing as per your important work.

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Our Services

We have multiple services, that can change your time and you can be in your happy moments of life.

About Us

Luck is a key ingredient for success,prosperity, health and happiness... let's steer it through us.

We have over 20 years of experience in astrology. We have ardent facination towards astrology and know its indepth acumen to fetch results. This startup was started as a hobby, serving many people in right direction throgh astrology. We started this site with motive to expand the same benefit to masses.

We are promising satisfaction in terms of results based on factual, mathemetical and scientific calculations as astrology is not a magic but science. What I promise is the difference far away from greed and sell attitude as well as you will feel it collecting positive experiences after connecting with us. We will try to fix problem using ancient mathemetics of astrology, suggesting proven methods to correct and fix problems in life or steer you in right direction of happy life.

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